Student/Instructor Contract

ENGL 101 and ENGL 202 Student/Instructor Contract

Western Carolina University


Instructor: Nate Kreuter

Email: nakreuter [at-sign] email [dot] wcu [dot] edu

Course Website: Blackboard (100% of course material available)

Alternate Course Website:

Office: Coulter 208


Welcome to the class. You’re probably wondering what this class contract is about, so I’ll go ahead and explain. I want to make sure that everyone in this class realizes from the beginning what we will be doing and what my expectations are for each and every student. This document is not intended to discourage you generally or to encourage you to drop the class. Just the opposite. I honestly think this will be the best section of Composition 101/202 offered in the Department of English this year. But I know for a fact that it will be one of the most demanding. The risks and rewards are great. If you put in the work, this will be a wonderful class. If you don’t, you and I will both be miserable. So, I’ve listed some of my expectations below. Look over them. Carefully. The reading and writing demands of this class are high. But the readings are also unusually enjoyable and the assignments will be, I hope, also enjoyable and enriching. If you can commit to doing this work, go ahead and sign the contract. If you can’t, consider giving up your seat to someone who can. This contract is not all-inclusive but should give you a pretty good idea of my expectations for the semester.

Please note that the course is designed to start very quickly, with a lot of work and reading due up front, and is designed so that the amount of work you have to do will gradually decline over the course of the semester. The hope is that you will have the bulk of the difficult work for this course completed by the time your other classes are becoming especially burdensome at the end of the semester.

The reality of this contract is that it is meaningless. If you sign it but fail to uphold your end of the bargain, I can’t do anything to you. I can’t have you expelled, or even lower your grade. However, I am absolutely certain that I will hold up my end of the bargain, and I hope you will too. Our word will be our bond. Welcome again to the class. Sign the contract, do the work, enjoy yourselves, make friends, and let’s never have to speak of contracts or similar unpleasantness from this day forward.


Nate Kreuter, PhD

Department of English

Western Carolina University

What You Can Expect from Nate:

  • He will learn your name on the first day of class and not forget it
  • He will always return written assignments on the promised return dates
  • He will keep you up-to-date of syllabus changes through your Catamount email and the course website(s)
  • He will always be at his office hours and will go to great lengths to meet at other times if the regular office hours don’t work for you
  • He will read everything you read at least twice
  • He will always be ready and willing to help explain a reading or help you out with any component of your writing
  • He will welcome any questions, inside or outside of the classroom
  • He will almost always reply to emails promptly (emails must be from your Catamount email account)
  • He will grade your papers carefully, giving them the attention and respect they deserve
  • He will never change the due dates of major assignments, thereby screwing up your schedules
  • He will be impartial when dealing with students and grading student work
  • He will be a reasonable human being and consider carefully your proposals, complaints and ideas about the course as the semester goes on

What Nate Expects from Every Student:

  • Do the reading for every class—you will read for almost every class
  • Call Nate “Nate,” not “Sir,” not “Mr. Kreuter,” not “professor,” not “professor Kreuter,” not “Hey, Jackass,” etc., just “Nate”
  • Ask questions when you don’t understand
  • Ask each other questions
  • Ask more questions, even when you think you do understand
  • Have an opinion, Fight for your opinion, Respect others’ opinions, Support your opinions
  • Get to know your classmates—it makes class, and life, more fun
  • Keep a digital portfolio of all your written work, with instructor comments, during the semester and be able to produce it at any moment
  • Be respectful towards each other at all times
  • Be willing to push each other’s ideas
  • Turn in all papers on time and in accord with all assignment parameters
  • When the going gets rough, let Nate know so he can help you or direct you to someone else who can help you

signed, Nate Kreuter__________________
signed, (your name)__________________

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