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Resist the incoming regime by calling Senator McCain.

Call, don’t write, the legislative offices of moderate Republicans who believe in the Constitution and its protections and who are in a position to resist the regime. A former Congressional staffer explains why to call rather than to write here. I called Senator McCain’s DC office yesterday and spoke with a nice young staffer. I explained that I have always thought of Senator McCain as a very principled man, and I requested that he stand up in the Senate for the Bill of Rights and its protections, rather than de facto siding with the new regime. Whatever you may think of the Senator you call, be polite, and ask for something they might grant, like protecting our rights and the rights of all citizens. McCain’s DC office number is (202) 224-2235. When prompted by the menu, choose to talk to a staffer. Don’t leave a message. Be polite. Call Senator McCain today. Call volume matters. His office needs to be flooded with calls from reasonable Americans. Only Republicans may be able to save us from the excesses of the new regime. The moderate ones will need to draw a line in the sand. Encourage them. My call took 5 minutes, the staffer listened, and it felt like constructive action. But it will only really be constructive if his office is flooded with calls.

I will identify other moderate Republicans that we can call in the future.


11/8 + 7 Days, Call a Republican Senator (McCain edition)