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Resist the incoming regime by breaking up with your big, corporate bank. Big banks hate regulations that keep the little guy safe. You know who is going to eradicate the regulations that prevent your bank from gambling with your savings? The regime is. Plus, your bank might already have taken advantage of you, like Wells Fargo has, by scamming its own customers for millions! Join a local credit union.

Your local credit union is a great deal! You are probably eligible to join one credit union or another based on who your employer is or on where you live. Credit unions are not trying to produce profits, like corporate banks are, and are owned by their members. So, they keep fees really low. For example, if you overdraw your checking account at a big corporate bank and they have to draw from your savings to cover the overdraft, they’ll charge you a fee typically between $35 and $50. That’s a ton! At my credit union, the same fee is 50 cents. 1/70th of what most other banks charge. And pretty much everything else is that good of a deal too. My credit union is super convenient and offers tons of perks, like non ATM fees ever, a minimum deposit of only $25, and tons of help with car and home loans, at competitive rates.

If you already belong to a credit union, try to convince one of your friend to join one and ditch their plundering corporate bank.


This is the first of many, many posts. As I indicated yesterday, I am committing to post as often as I am able to small actions that are totally manageable that all of us can do. Individually, the actions will be insignificant, but collectively they could be profound. Not all of them will require money, and in fact, many will be about ways to save money, and divest from the regime’s sources of support. But today, I am suggesting that we all spend money, just a little money.

Join the American Civil Liberties Union. As little as $35 will make you a member, but if you can afford to donate more, I encourage you to do so. The ACLU is an established, robust organization with a record of fighting for the rights of all citizens. Their track record is proven, and their infrastructure for fighting unconstitutional laws and actions is in place. They are gearing up to resist all of the regime’s illegal actions, which we anticipate will be many. At a time when our most vulnerable citizens are literally under assault, the ACLU will fight on their behalf, and effectively. Donate. It is a sacrifice, I know. Also, follow the ACLU on social media like Facebook and Twitter. If you are already an ACLU member, go kick them a little extra cash–even $5 or $10 is meaningful.

“The ACLU has been at the center of nearly every major civil liberties battle in the U.S. for over 90 years. We’ve participated in more cases before the Supreme Court than any other private organization.”

When I worked in intelligence I was aware of the “Enhanced Interrogation” program that our nation had implemented, wherein we tortured terrorists and suspected terrorists. The intelligence derived from that program was often worthless, because a tortured man will say anything to stop being tortured, and revelations about the program and its horrors have reduced America’s moral authority in the world. When I became aware of that program is when I first joined the ACLU. Once a fellow analyst joked about “card carrying ACLU members” and I whipped out my membership card. It gave him pause, because he knew that I was a patriot, knew that I worked every day to protect American troops and American citizens, and then knew that I was a proud supporter of the ACLU. It probably didn’t convince him of anything, but that’s not the point. It caused a moment of recognition and contemplation for him, and that is a start.

I joined the ACLU then because I knew we needed a strong institution resisting the unconstitutional behavior of our government. On the morning of 11/9/16 I renewed my membership, after a period of lapse. My membership will never lapse again. Thousands of people have joined since 11/8, and thousands more need to. We need to give the ACLU a war chest with which to fight to preserve our Constitutional Rights. Join today. It takes 5 minutes, isn’t very expensive, and it concretely helps to resist the regime.


Imagine that you are on a ship. The ship is sinking. Water is pouring in at the rate of 100 gallons per minute. You have only a measuring cup to bail with. What do you do, bail, or give up? If you give up, the ship definitely sinks and you die. If you bail, you only remove a fraction of the water that is coming in to drown you. Do you bail? Goddamn right you bail. You bail because it buys you time, time for someone else to fix or lessen the leak, time for rescuers to arrive, or even just more time on our wonderful planet before your demise, attempting to control your own fate. You bail. You bail furiously with your tiny measuring cup. You bail because the ship is big and the ship is strong, and even with the water rushing in, it will take some time to sink. And you bail because you’re not sure, but there might be other people on other parts of the ship bailing with their tiny measuring cups too. You bail because you insist in contributing to your own rescue, and because you refuse to be a victim. You bail because some people on the ship might be too weak or too wounded to bail. If you put on a life jacket and swim away, you have started to doom the ship. You stay, and you bail, because, after all, there are only a few lifejackets anyway, all owned by the very richest, most privileged passengers with the luxury of contemplating escape. If you can bail water until 2021, the Coast Guard has a shot to come to the rescue. With lots of people bailing with their tiny little cups, their teeny tiny but totally doable actions, the ship stays afloat. The people live. The ship can be towed to port and patched up, and the passengers say to one another, “Let’s find a captain who won’t steer right to a fucking iceberg on fucking purpose!” You can bail, or you can drown. If we all drown, it will be because not enough of us bailed. But we *can* bail.

The dumbest, stupidest thing you could do is to yell at the other passengers who you think might have caused the hole where the water is rushing in. Sooner or later they will see they water, and feel it. They are going to need to bail too, and you’ll definitely need them to help fix the hole later on.

As often as I am able to, I will use this site to post small, daily actions that each of us can do to bail the ship. Concrete, real, normal person things that if one of us does alone will be totally insignificant but that, when executed by many, many people, can keep some real water in the ocean, where it belongs.

The ship has a name. The ship is the Unites States of America, and the water is rushing in.