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Resist the incoming regime by spending money at local Mexican tiendas and other ethnic groceries such as Halal butchers, Asian family-run groceries, whatever local, ethnic stores are in your community. Doing so shows these communities that you–probably a white person, dear reader–support them, morally and financially. It’s also good to spend some money at these family run stores instead of big chain grocers, which don’t have your or the country’s best interests at heart. Those big grocers support harmful farming practices and whichever party is in power, which will soon be the regime.

In the area where I live there are lots of tiny tiendas run but Latino families and frequented almost exclusively by Latino customers. They stock basic grocery items, but they specialize in Mexican and Latin American ingredients. Tomorrow on my way home from work I will go to one, as I have a couple of times before, and buy tamale wrappers, and probably just some other stuff that I don’t usually see in my big, white person grocery store. I will especially try to buy anything that I might otherwise have purchased at a big chain grocer. It will be great, because it will encourage me to try some new things in my cooking. I will spend cash, so that not a penny from the transaction goes to credit card companies, and so that the tienda owners can even keep the transaction off the books if they so choose.

It’ll also be a little awkward though, because as a non-Spanish speaking white person, I’ll be a bit of an interloper, sort of stumbling into a zone where Latinos can usually relax a little, unpestered by white folk. But I’ll smile, be as kind as I possibly can be, and I’ll spend money in order to start sending the message that I welcome our immigrant communities, just as my family was welcomed here a mere two generations ago, and to signal that I want our Latino community to feel empowered in these dark times.

As the photo says, I would rather die standing than live on my knees. Take small, daily actions to stay on your feet.


11/8 + 5 Days, Go to the Tienda