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Resist the incoming regime by breaking up with your big, corporate bank. Big banks hate regulations that keep the little guy safe. You know who is going to eradicate the regulations that prevent your bank from gambling with your savings? The regime is. Plus, your bank might already have taken advantage of you, like Wells Fargo has, by scamming its own customers for millions! Join a local credit union.

Your local credit union is a great deal! You are probably eligible to join one credit union or another based on who your employer is or on where you live. Credit unions are not trying to produce profits, like corporate banks are, and are owned by their members. So, they keep fees really low. For example, if you overdraw your checking account at a big corporate bank and they have to draw from your savings to cover the overdraft, they’ll charge you a fee typically between $35 and $50. That’s a ton! At my credit union, the same fee is 50 cents. 1/70th of what most other banks charge. And pretty much everything else is that good of a deal too. My credit union is super convenient and offers tons of perks, like non ATM fees ever, a minimum deposit of only $25, and tons of help with car and home loans, at competitive rates.

If you already belong to a credit union, try to convince one of your friend to join one and ditch their plundering corporate bank.