About 3 x 3

3 x 3 in Cullowhee is the digital seine of Nate Kreuter.

Hereafter, all first-person pronouns refer to none other than Nate Kreuter.

What? 3 x 3 is intended to document the experience of transitioning from graduate school in the humanities to the life of an assistant professor teaching a “3/3” load (three classes in each of the fall and spring semesters).  Needless to say, the blog reflects the experiences of a lone and idiosyncratic author.  Further, 3 x 3 serves as a digital seine for my other interests, fly fishing, biking, sports officiating, etc, etc, etc.

When? I post to 3 x 3 when I have time, not on a particularly regular schedule.  In fits and starts.

Why? Because it’s useful for me, and hopefully useful for some others as well.  To my knowledge, there aren’t many dynamic resources for junior faculty making the transition from graduate student to assistant professor.  Also, my particular specialization, rhetoric and writing, despite some wonderful blogs (check out my blog roll), doesn’t have as many idiosyncratic resources as it should.  If nothing else, I am uniquely able to provide idiosyncracy.  I also chose to begin an off .edu website so that I would have complete administrative control over the site.  In some cases I may duplicate course materials on .edu sites to increase accessibility.

Where? Here: www.natekreuter.net .  I post from wherever I can, but usually only once I’ve made it back home.  I can barely keep things together on the road, let alone having time to post about barely keeping it together.

How? This site runs off of WordPress software, on a server hosted by Bluehost.  The theme, also from WordPress, is Ocular Professor 1.3.1 by A. Mignolo. I will try to make this site as accessible as the WordPress software allows.  If you are being denied access or content because of an accessibility issue that you face, please contact me or have someone contact me on your behalf.  Due to time constraints, I will always prioritize the accessibility requests of my current students before other requests, regardless of the order in which they are received.

About Nate: Hopefully this section is self-explanatory.

Courses: The “Courses” section is designed primarily with Nate’s current and former students in mind.  Course materials will be posted, updated, and archived in this section.  Classes are listed by course number, and organized within listed semesters.  Additionally, old courses will not be deleted, in order to preserve materials that former students sometimes find useful, and to preserve my materials for future use and modification.

CV: The “CV” page provides a dynamic copy of my curriculum vitae, an academic résumé.  Whenever possible, I have provided hotlinks within the résumé to relevant sites and materials.  I try to keep this up-to-date.  This page is limited to my professional activities, though I do list a few community activities that I consider to inform or complement my academic career.  That’s pretty much a fickle and idiosyncratic choice on my part.

Interests: The “Interests” section lists the stuff that keeps me going. 

Ambitions: This section is an informal and intentionally general presentation of some of the ideas and projects that I’m working on professionally.

Allies: The “Allies” section is a listing, in no particular order, of people who I am friends with, who have supported me over the years, and/or causes that I support or sympathize with.  Good people and good things deserve promotion, modest as this site’s promotion capabilities may be. 

Canada River, New Mexico

“The devil made me do it the first time, the second time I did it on my own.”

Billy Joe Shaver, “The Devil Made Me Do it the First Time

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