About Nate

Nate Kreuter has supported himself by working–in the following order–as an unlicensed dump truck driver, a manual laborer in the landscaping industry, a photo lab technician and camera salesman, an overnight radio DJ, an administrative assistant, a research assistant, an intelligence analyst, a web developer, an organic garlic farmer, a teaching assistant, a photovoltaics installer, a high school wrestling and college lacrosse referee, and in the fall of 2010 began working as an assistant professor of English at Western Carolina University, in the southern range of the Blue Ridge Mountains to which he is native.

Nate has undertaken post-secondary course work at Piedmont Virginia Community College, the University of Virginia, the University of Iowa, and the University of Texas at Austin, earning degrees at the latter two institutions.  He is also proud to have vocational training in welding, auto body repair, electronics, and electrical work, and values himself as a haphazard carpenter and semi-skilled mechanical improviser.

For mental health and general lifestyle reasons, Nate periodically retreats to a topographically isolated compound in the Sangre de Cristo range that is guarded by a menagerie of fighting peacocks, wild black bears, and domesticated gnats (all of which have tasted human flesh), and where he is the sole sponsor and proprietor of the Long-Eared Hummingraven Rod & Social Club™ (est. 2008).  Nate enjoys fly fishing, low-end bourbon, bikes of many varieties, adventuring in general, and continues to be impressed by advancements in the international adhesives industry.  He also has a special fondness for rivers and mountains, forests and plains.

Nate takes an inordinate amount of pride in being very, very good at washing his car windshield with the squeegee-thing and bluish suds at gas station pumps. One day he will build The Great Mah-Jong Hall, and his favorite philosopher is Foghorn Leghorn. He has been described by both friends and colleagues as “experienced at poking snakes.”

Nate in Colfax

“Because my stupidity didn’t deserve good luck, I had it.”

-John Graves, Goodbye to a River

“Lud? He’s a good old boy from over at Crozet.”

-Tom Wolfe, “The Last American Hero

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